Mop Up & Move On


I was having such a frustrating morning, just trying to deal with people who are unappreciative and really just need to grow up.  I’m not the kind of person who bites back either; I just sort of vent to my loved ones (I’m sorry!) and avoid the people who are trying my patience.  Anyway, this morning I was thinking about ideas for my still life class and my frustrations, and this idea came about.  It felt really fulfilling to have an idea, set it up, shoot it and really like the result.  Plus, it really helped me work through that negativity that I was feeling.  Honestly, if some if this stuff is the worst that happens to me today, then it’s a great day right?  And if the trying times result in a photo that I really like, then that’s really turning things around and finding that silver lining (or watering can).

Sometimes you just have to mop up the mess and move on.


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