Sports Shooting


I was reading an article by Peter Read Miller about settings on the Canon 1dx (great helpful read, by the way).  This led me to his website and some of his really cool sports shots.  One shot that struck me was of the sidelines and the bajillion Canon lenses focused on the field; there was not one Nikon in sight.  Granted it was a Canon ad, and it was probably set up for that purpose, but I was reminded of all the times I watch sports on television and of all the white lenses I see and hardly any black ones.

I took up sport shooting because I have two very active kids who do all kinds of sports from 3-day-eventing to basketball to cross country running.  I’m super thankful for all they do, because it made me realize how much I love photography and how much I love stopping the action now and then.

My first dslr was a used 300d from a photog friend that my husband purchased as a gift for me, so I became a Canon girl.  I upgraded and added lenses over the years and REALLY became a Canon girl; I never even had the urge to try Nikon, even though I’ve seen some beautiful images shot with Nikon, and I know it’s not the gear, it’s the brain handling the gear.

I digress.  That Peter Read Miller Canon ad totally reminded me of a day when I was photographing my boy’s little league allstar game.  The opposing third base coach noticed me shooting and suggested Nikon instead.  I said, “You know all the sports greats shoot Canon.”  He laughed and actually agreed.  I don’t know why that sticks with me.  I’d shoot with anything if I had no other choice, but I sure do love my Canon gear.


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