I support this girl 100%, but sometimes I don’t know why.  She’s my daughter and I love her, but true to teenage form, she sometimes treats me like her minion; sadly, I allow it until I can take it no more.  I sing her praises on Instagram and Facebook, but I have to come to WordPress to post my anger and frustration because I feel it’s unfair to post these feelings there where she will see them.  I guess WordPress is my outlet, my place to vent.  So today, I came to WordPress to post, and I came across a photo of the week thing and this word thing.  The word of the day is spare.  I feel like it fits me today.  I’m feeling spare, hence the image lacking color and life.  Usually I’m posting action shots of her flying over jumps, galloping across beaches or just smiling with her horse.  Problems with a teenager could be worse I suppose; she’s not into drugs or alcohol and has a very nice boyfriend.  Sometime it’s just so hard to understand why she can’t treat me like a person with feelings and not just her personal assistant.  I know the color will come back and I’ll fill back out, but right now, spare fits the feelings in my heart.


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