A Little Rain

Just a few drops on this wet little weed, but we’ll take all nature will give us.  


Bad news

2015-113-365 (2)

I shot this while my husband was in recovery after microdiscectomy.  He felt better right away, and it seemed all would be well.  Unfortunately, his pain returned, worse than before.  Doctor said it’s probably just an inflammatory process.  Well, no such luck:  The disc has actually squished out again and is pressing on the nerve again, and it looks like fusion surgery is the way to go.  I was feeling pretty down about all this and wondering how I’m going to be in two places at the same time, when I read a friend’s facebook post:  Her husband has back issues that are severely worse than my DH.  Wishing them the best for a speedy recovery and trying to be thankful that our situation is not worse.

She said Thank You


My girl got to ride Emmy today (the pony she used to lease).  I dutifully came to take photos, even though I never get much credit for it any more.  Well, I actually got a “thank you” for my efforts, which doesn’t happen so much in these teenage days.  That was a bit of a good spot on the day.


I have been diligently taking a photo every day, but have not been so diligent about keeping up with the daily blog photo post.  I’ll be doing a few extra each day until I’m caught up (between laundry, sports events, hauling children around).  Such is life, and it’s still the good spot {not the bad spot}.


Popsicle anyone?

Popsicle anyone?

When all else fails, I resort to my friendly little minifigs for photo shoots.


Isn't it obvious?

Isn’t it obvious?

Another Tuesday, another away game, and unfortunately another loss.


Dressage with Gail

Dressage with Gail

My girl had a great lesson with a visiting instructor today.  I love how her heart sings when the ride is working.